Light Speed Innovation

AksoDynamic provides solutions with services that include market analysis, testing and technology forecasting, in order to provide invaluable insight in order to lead to disruptive products and market dominance for our clients.

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Do More With Less

AksoDynamic is a market led company with superior engineering capabilities. Our team’s experience in working for the major industries and medical device companies, close to clients, surgeons and patients, enables us to have a global view of the market needs and envision the future requirements of a project or a concept in its context.

Let's Disrupt the Market

Our experience working in different industries makes us think out of the box, be creative and come up with unexpected outcomes.

Rate of Return

It’s not just about Return on Investment, costs and pricing. We are taking into account your project’s time frame.

Expand your Business

Our knowledge and experience can help you establish a long-term strategy to expand your business. It’s not just about sales performance.

Innovation Instead Of Pricing

The difficulties that plague most medical companies is the increasing competition and lack of product differentiation for existing products or market access for those that have a void in their product range.

AksoDynamic has regularly proven that it can take a me-too product and provide not only an innovative approach in order to provide product differentiation, but a cost effective method of manufacturing.

Our Case Studies

Nothing demonstrates our problem-solving ability and expertise more than real-world examples. Aligning our expertise and competencies with business goals, Aksodynamic understands the challenges of your projects. We provide practical, pragmatic and powerful solutions for addressing those challenges.

Reloadable Surgical Mutli clip Applier

AksoDynamic developed a reloadable cartridge solution with a handle that could eventually be re-used.

Dobbies Garden Center

AksoDynamic developed a solution to reduce power costs for Dobbies Garden Centres.

Bringing your project quickly to success